The Versatility and Articulation of HG Strike Gundam

HG Strike Gundam Review

The GAT-X105+AQM/E-YM1 Perfect Strike Gundam is the most versatile mobile suit of the Earth Alliance’s G Project. It is capable of various combat roles using striker packs equipped with specialized equipment.

Its head swivels on a ball-jointed neck and the manipulators swivel on peg-and-socket joints. Its thighs and waist can pivot in some places.


Especially for an SD kit, the articulation on this one is impressive. The head moves well, is flexible enough to look upward and the shoulders have polycaps that move forward. The arm movement is great and there is impressive leg bending as well.

The legs also have ankle joints which are a rare thing to see in SD kits that aren’t from a spinoff show or have warrior type designs. The ankle joints are a little stiff but it’s a minor gripe.

Despite its simple design, the Star Build Striker Gundam is a fun kit to build. The articulation spices up a traditional Gundam design without going too far away from it and the included Universal Booster adds extra value to it. The Aile Striker pack is a nice addition to the kit as well and connects securely.


The inner frame of this kit spices up a traditional Gundam design, but still remains fairly familiar. It features a good amount of articulation, including a ball-jointed head and a peg-and-socket joint in the elbows. The knees can be bent back and forward, while the waist swivels on a torso joint. The weapon accessories (Bazooka, Grand Slam, DINN’s anti-aircraft shotgun) from the former add-on can be attached to this kit, but they are molded in white rather than light gray like most other kits.

This model represents the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam piloted by Kira Yamato in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam SEED Destiny. The suit can deploy its Mobile Weapon Wings in High Mobility Aerial Tactics mode to increase its movement speed in the air or space. The wings are powered by the Hyper Deuterion engine and feature a variant of the Voiture Lumiere propulsion system. Optionally, the camera eyes and shield of this Gundam can be repainted into the colors of its counterpart, the ZGMF-X10A Strike Rouge.


The Build Striker uses its own set of weapons, but it also has the capability to attach to the Build Booster (another custom unit from Sei). This gives the model incredible combat potential, especially when combined with the specialized shoulder and wrist vulcans.

The head can swivel and tilt on a double ball-joint neck. The shoulders can tilt forward and backward in a limited manner. The elbow joints can bend a fair amount, and the knees can swivel. The hip joint axis is a see-saw type joint, and the upper thigh can raise horizontally on a peg.

The Build Strike Gundam comes with a beam rifle, hand vulcans, gatling shield and 2 side mounted swords. It can also use the HG Gunbarrel Dagger, Armor Schneider and Grand Slam Sword accessories from the HG SEED Custom Kit. It can also connect to other 1/144 Strike Gundam models through its polycap connection points, which opens up new possibilities for customization.


Although the articulation is somewhat limited, a well-built HG Strike Gundam can still pose quite a bit. It has good head movement flexible enough to look upward, impressive shoulder bending with polycaps, decent torso forward bend, and great leg flex.

Another way to increase the posing of your hg strike gundam is by using an action base stand. This allows you to simulate moves that would be impossible on the ground, like dive kicks for Build Burning Gundam or a hurtling mid-air launch for Gundam Unicorn.

In the anime, despite being a prototype mobile suit, based on the GAT-X105B Aile Strike Gundam, Sei Iori makes significant modifications to it in order to improve its mobility. These changes include the addition of thruster units in its new shoulder armor, giving it greater side-to-side movement capabilities. This also allows the Strike to easily dodge enemy attacks. The Aile Strike can be equipped with various weapon packs to further enhance its mobility.

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