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to demand that our government work for us

binary options demo The 35-day government shutdown and lockout was immoral and it put us all at risk, as workers and as Americans. Safety, security and the whole economy are on the line.

Almost two million workers have been locked out or forced to work without pay. Others are going to work when our workspace is increasingly unsafe. The entire airline industry is in jeopardy. No one will get out of this unscathed. What are we waiting for?

This unprecedented action by our government requires an unprecedented response from our nation. We believe it is time to talk about a general strike.

A true general strike would take months of planning. But we cannot allow that to stop us from taking action now. We must do what we can immediately.

Working people have power when we come together. If Congress chooses the chaos of a continued lockout, we will use our power.

If the shutdown continues on February 16, we call on all Americans to join us in protest at our nation’s airports to show what workers united can achieve. 

best binary option trading app in india We demand a government that works for all people, including:

  • Stop the shutdown and pass long-term, stable funding
  • Back pay for all federal workers and contractors
  • Pass legislation to end government shutdowns and never lock workers out again
  • Improve federal labor law so workers can protest injustice without retaliation

Led by courageous aviation workers, whose lives and livelihoods are endangered if the shutdown continues, we will come together and demand that Washington stop playing political games with our safety and security.

Together, we have the power to end this nightmare for millions of Americans and demand a government that works for all of us. binary traders in india